The initiative

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The meeting was hold thanks to the initiative of Ongi Etorri Errefuxiatuak and Caravana Abriendo Fronteras. We decided to put in motion a European initiative to denounce the migratory policies of the European Union and the governments of the member states in the framework of the upcoming European Parliament elections.

We decided that each territory is autonomous, yet we agreed upon the following minimum common elements (standards):

  1. The action will take place the May 5th 2019, at 12 pm in parks, in front of City Halls and such, in European towns and cities, that each territory will decide regarding their own dynamics.
  2. Slogan: 5M THE EMBRACE OF THE PEOPLE. Yet, as some of the participants from Germany and Greece found it difficult to translated the slogan directly for several reasons, we decided to be flexible regarding the singularities of each country.
  3. SYMBOLISM: In Artea we recorded the staging of the People Embrace. Soon we will have the audiovisual clip that can be used as pleased in every territory as well as complemented by other actions that may be found appropriate.
  4. SONGS: It was agreed to use “O Bela Chao” and “Ouvrez les frontières” of Tiken Jah Fakoly. Moreover, we will share more songs for the campaign that may be used by the different territories.
  5. It was decided to star FROM NOW ON the actions for the campaign and intensify them the previous weeks: presentations, talks, fasting, lockdowns, ocupation of public spaces, cinema…
  6. The contact of the Basque Country commission is and the State level commission contact is and the international commission’s contact is
  7. The “official” presentation of the campaign in each territory will be launched December 20th in order to make it match with the meeting of the European Ministers of Internal Affairs to address issues related to migration.